Cosplay Competition

Show us your costuming skill at the Cosplay Competition. All ages and ability levels are welcome to enter. Contest begins at 5pm.

Mascot/Art Contest

Express your creative side and enter the Artist Contest by designing our new mascot. Art must be 2D and fit in 8 1/2" x 11" frame. Submissions must be received by 10/12/2019 at

Submissions will be displayed for voting during Prequel.

Want to Know More?

For competition rules and how to enter please see “Contest Rules” below.

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Want free tickets for the next event? Volunteer for a shift during Prequel and you will earn a free one-day pass to the next Black Hills Con event. Must be 16 or older to volunteer.

Email us at

Attendee Information

Please remember this is an all-ages convention.  All attendees are expected to follow the Code of Conduct.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the event.  

All attendees must be respectful and courteous to all other attendees, staff, and venue personnel.  Rude, violent, lewd, or harassing behavior is unacceptable.  This includes, but is not limited to, unwanted physical contact, unwanted filming/photography, threats, offensive comments and/or behavior.  

If someone leaves the conversation, walks away, or expresses that they no longer wish to be around you, please behave respectfully, leave the other party alone and continue to enjoy the convention.

If you experience any behavior that you feel is not in accordance with the Code of Conduct, please report it to a staff member immediately.


All persons 6 years of age and older must purchase a badge to enter the convention area. Badges must be worn and visible at all times.


Minors are welcome to enjoy the convention.  For the safety and security of all, those under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult in their party at all times.  Black Hills Con will not be responsible for unsupervised minors. 

After 8pm Prequel becomes an adult-oriented convention. Anyone under the age of 18 will be asked to leave after 7pm. Staff may ask to see your ID.


No pets allowed. Comfort, support, anxiety or therapy animals are not allowed. 

Properly identified ADA service animals are permitted as required by law. 


All attendees must wear clothing covering their entire groin, buttocks, nipples, and at least 75% of the breast area. Coverage cannot be sheer, painted on, overly tight, or create the illusion of nudity. Footwear must be worn at all times.

Clothing with obscene language, vulgar, racist, or offensive images will not be allowed.

These rules are gender neutral. If you are unsure if your costume meets these requirements, please contact the staff BEFORE the convention.  


Props that may appear potentially dangerous (even if they are not) must be peace-bonded upon entry,  at registration, or at time of purchase from a vendor.  Peace-Bonding is an agreement that you will carry your prop safely. A staff member will attach a brightly colored tie on the item to acknowledge that your item has been reviewed.

Live steel, projectiles, and functioning firearms are prohibited.


Alcohol is not permitted at any time. 

Smoking, including vaping/e-cigarettes is only permitted outside.


Photography and video recording is generally allowed, but please be respectful. If the subject asks you to stop because they do not want to be filmed or photographed, 

please stop. See rude behavior above. 

Please do not block walkways while taking pictures. We have an area designated for pictures beside the concession stand.

Privacy Policy

Personal data (name, address, etc.) will not be shared with anyone outside of Black Hills Con staff. 

Black Hills Con follows all regulations in PIPEDA and CalOPPA guidelines.

Photographs and videos taken at Black Hills Con events may be made public for marketing purposes. If you do not want your image made public, you must contact BHC by email (, prove your identity, and specify which image you would like us to remove.

Vendor’s names (business names, not personal names) will be listed on our website and in the programing guide. Panel host names may be listed on our website and in the programing guide.


Contest Rules


Cosplay Competition

To enter our Cosplay Competition, you must sign up in person during the convention.  A Sign Up table will be located next to the stage at Main Events from 10:00 to 3:00pm.  

All ages are welcome to enter. There will be a separate categories for children (12 and under) and adults (13+).

Brining reference pictures of your cosplay are encouraged, but not required. These pictures must be 2-dimentional and may not be returned.

You will be asked to walk across the stage and floor, so be prepared to move in your costume.

Your picture could be taken for Black Hills Con and used for publicity purpose

Mascot/Art Contest

Contestants must be 18 years old at time of entry.

No copy right or plagiarism is allowed. If caught, artist will be immediately disqualified.

Entries will be printed on 8.5x11 paper for voting. When emailing entry, make sure the file is a Jpg, pdf, or tiff (printable format). Any media that is 2d (paintings, sketches, etc.) is allowed.

Must be family friendly. Please do not sign your art.

The winner will receive two -day passes to Black Hills Con’s next event summer of 2020.

Winning piece will become the mascot for Black Hills Con.