Black Hills Con




Central States Fairgrounds 

Fine Arts Building

Rapid City, SD


Saturday, October 3, 2020



What is a Con?

A Convention is an event in which fans of any sort of media can meet with other fans and celebrate their passions together as a community. This includes panels, merchandise, competitions, events, and more. People are also welcomed and somewhat encouraged to dress as their favorite characters in an act called cosplay. All this brings together fans of all types and helps them find like-minded people all within in a fun event.

Do I Have to Register Online?

No. Tickets will also be available at the door for a slightly higher price. Online purchase of a ticket is mainly to make the process quicker for the attendee at a lower price. 

Can I Bring Props?

Props that may appear potentially dangerous (even if they are not) must be peace-bonded upon entry,  at registration, or at time of purchase from a vendor.  Peace-Bonding is an agreement that you will carry your prop safely. A staff member will attach a brightly colored tie on the item to acknowledge that your item has been reviewed.

Live steel, projectiles, and functioning firearms are prohibited.

Is the Event Indoors?

Black Hills Con will take place within the Fine Arts Building of the Fairgrounds. Some events may take place outside, but the large majority of the con will take place indoors.  

Do I Need to be in Costume?

No. You are allowed to wear anything within the limits of the dress code. It is just as fine to show up in normal clothes as it is to show up in a costume. 

Do I Have to Attend Panels?

No. Panels are only but one of many reasons that people come to a con. None of the panels or events are mandatory to attend. 

Do Volunteers have to buy tickets?

Volunteers will have to take care of their own admission, but after filling a quota of volunteer hours, volunteers will earn a day-pass to our next con.